The Claiborne Company
Bates Labels

Bates labels are used by law firms and other legal entities to identify records obtained during discovery and other legal proceedings. Normally, the labels are numbered sequentially.

Bates Labels was originally created by The Claiborne Company over 20 years ago as a document template for Word 95 and Windows 95. Since then, the product has been updated many times to conform with all of the security changes and other modifications in Windows and Word. Finally, we just moved it to the cloud.

The labels are printed 80 per page with up to 14 characters leading or following plus up to 6 digits. The label also can include the firm name and a date stamp or a code 39 bar code.

Complete the form below, select Generate Labels. Your labels are generated as a PDF file that you can print and/or download. You can print the pdf file onto Avery Return Address Labels (Avery 5167, 5267, 5667, 5967, 6467, 8167, and 8667) or equivalent.

Generate Bates Labels as a PDF file
(80 labels per page)
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Labels to Print
Digits Shown 2   3   4   5   6  
Leading Characters
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